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My friend, the terrific author Janni Lee Simner [identity profile], is offering prizes in connection with the paperback release of her YA novel Faerie Winter.

Faerie Winter novel cover

Faerie Winter is the sequel to Jannie's novel Bones of Faerie. These are the first two books in her Bones of Faerie trilogy. Bones of Faerie is a great book with one of the best opening chapters I've ever had the pleasure to read. While I haven't yet read Faerie Winter, I'm sure it meets the same high standards as the first in the series. Janni Lee Simner's Bones of Faerie series has received high praise from many distinguished authors and reviewers.

I highly recommend you read these books.

The Rules (as posted at

- Mention in a blog post, fb post, tweet, tumblr, and/or anywhere else online and publicly visible that Faerie Winter comes out in paperback on April 10 and that it's the sequel to Bones of Faerie (or, alternately, book 2 in the Bones of Faerie trilogy). If you want to say something more about either of the Faerie books, that'd be lovely, though not required.

- Link to the Faerie Winter website

- Come back to [Janni's] post and link to the places you did both of the above

- (optional, for blog entries) Copy these rules (including this one :-)) to your post, and encourage your readers to enter this contest by doing all of the above in turn, and telling them to then to come back to your blog and link to their mention or mentions

- Deadline is April 20 (at midnight Pacific Daylight Time) and [Janni will] ship anywhere.
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Satterday I attended a signing by [ profile] janni, the author of the fabulous Bones of Faerie, at a local Barnes & Noble store. Due to a forgotten grocery item* I got there late. When I arrived, after having first wended my way past the Golden Retriever rescue society, which was set up near the entrance to the store (both outside and inside), it was easy to find [ profile] janni, just by heading for the crowd of excited people near the magazine racks. Normally, that area provides a seating area where people can relax as they skim their proposed reading selections, but for the reading the staff had rearranged the area to provide a comfy chair for [ profile] janni, facing a sea of benches and folding chairs. Janni spoke to an enthusiastic crowd. She wrote that her listeners started with "a small group of mostly-friends" and grew to about fifty. I was too excited to count, but I did notice that we had a fairly large crowd and the woman from B&N who was responsible for keeping an eye on things said this was an excellent turnout. Certainly, when it came time for the actual signing, we had a large crowd lined up with books in their hands. I was one of these. :)

I took a few pictures using my son's excellent Canon Elph, but was having trouble focusing, probably because I don't know the camera well and was doing something wrong. Also, my regular glasses are broken, so I'm using an old pair that work fine for distances, but not for things that are close, so I was having trouble seeing the screen.

pics )

Bones of Fairie is a wonderful, amazing book and you should all buy one. Or more. Are there any young people in your life? They would love this book. You will love this book. Your friends will love this book.

* Tomato paste. My stepsons did the grocery shopping for the lasagna dinner their dad had planned, but forgot to get tomato paste. So, they ran back to the store while I dithered around the house fussing about being late.

The lasagna was lovely, by the way. Karl and his boys made fresh ricotta. They also roasted eggplant and added that to the sauce. It was lovely: truly, one of the best lasagnas I've had in my entire life. Since this was Valentine's Day, Karl brought a small table back to our bedroom. He and I had a nice romantic dinner, complete with candlelight. It wasn't quite as relaxed as he'd hoped for, as he had to dash back out again to finish the blueberry crepe dessert, but it was still lovely.


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