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Ethereal jewelry from nature: what a beautiful concept:

Folk and Fairy: Seed Jewelry
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (fairy promises)
Over in [ profile] faeriefashion, this post shares the story of a real life fairy godmother, who brings a little magic into the lives of hospitalized children.
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (fairy promises)
Via [ profile] sidhe_etain, I was introduced to this lovely fae lady:
Dark Faerie
The work of Australian artist, Lorell Lehman, the Dark Faerie intrigued me enough that I followed the link to her blog, Not all Faeries are Beautiful. I loved what I found there, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Also, by following the links on Lorell's Links page, I was introduced to several other artists, many of whom also do figurative work featuring the fae folk, and also found the online homes of a few artists I'd encountered in other contexts.

Some of my favorites are:

I was also gratified to find Dan Reeder's Gourmet Paper Mache page. I've got a copy of his book, Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Papier and Cloth Mache, which he says is now out of print. I loved using his papier mâché techniques (he prefers to call them "paper mache") on a couple of projects with my boys, so it was wonderful to learn that he's got video footage and additional books, including one coming out soon.
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Fairy Magic Lantern | The Steampunk Workshop

Growing up, one of the loveliest Christmas ornaments my parents had (and my dad still has, to the best of my knowledge), was an old light bulb that had been in the family for many yeats. The elements of the light bulb are shaped like flowers and glow when the bulb is turned on. In order to keep it working for as long as possible, we never turned it on for more than a few minutes a year. This beautiful lamp reminds me of that bulb and how magical the new technologies seemed to our very recent ancestors.
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Today, by following various links I came across [ profile] frantic_mice' journal, which is friends-locked, but has a beautiful image created by artist Michelle Bradshaw (also known as Pixiwillow) on the front page. Intrigued, I searched for and found the Pixiwillow website, which has lots of beautiful images of her mixed media and polymer clay sculpture figurines, which depict various life-sized (as in, 2-4 inches tall) fairies and pixies, and their animal companions, as well as some fairytale-based scenes. All very cool.

[ profile] asakiyume -- I think you will enjoy this picture: Nighthawk, because of your love for all things corvine.

Updated to add that in the process of poking around on the Froud site, I discovered a link to, which I have been listening too ever since. Lovely music.
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I'm over at my sons' house, waiting for the AC guy to show up. Thank goodness we got appliance insurance when we bought the house, or we'd never be able to afford the repairs.

This morning before I settled down to work I watched Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Plus, I watched Act I with Ian, since he'd ignored my email telling him about the show. *hmph!* I think he's hooked, now, though. *g*

Despite distracting myself this way--and sitting in a room where at one point two different young men were watching The Daily Show (presumable on YouTube, although I didn't ask) at different points in the same show--I have managed to write over a thousand words today and to finish the "first" draft of one of the stories I've been working on.

It's a retelling of a familiar fairytale. Sometimes, I worry that there are too many writers doing this kind of stuff, but the fairies have gotten a strong hold on me and keep insisting that this is what I should work on. ;>

I've also taken advantage of being over here to talk to Ian about some of the changes I'm making to my tech writing professional website, for which he is doing the graphics. I think it's going to look pretty snazzy when it's done.


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