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This morning I worked on some bookmarks advertising TusCon *. I had created the original bookmark file several weeks ago, using some artwork that one of the members (or someone on the concomm? I've never seen a list of who's who), but had a very spacey moment and put the date as 2006, instead of 2009. When my error was pointed out to me, I went back and fixed the error, but ran into technical difficulties having to do with the sizing of the file (important, because the bookmarks were designed to be 2-sided). Eventually there were interruptions, excitements, work on other projects, and more spaciness on my part, and I never got the files finalized and uploaded to the work area. So, before heading for the TFoB, I sat down and threw myself at the files, got the files appropriately sized, fixed some printer alignment issues (Why doesn't the user guide for my printer include any information about forced margins, not even in the troubleshooting section?) and printed out pages that might conceivably be copied onto heavier stock, should the concomm wish to distribute the bookmarks to passersby.

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* This is the original website that will, eventually, when I complete the work, be replaced by a new, organized website. Someday. Because I haven't been doing so well at getting the new website finished and my available time is about to take a sudden dip. Just in case it's not obvious, I will state that I feel extremely bad about my, as yet, unkept commitments.
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This weekend, as mentioned in earlier posts, is [ profile] flycon2009's big weekend. I totally wanted to participate, but this weekend has turned out to be extremely busy.

This morning, I noticed the water in the shower was draining slowly, so after my shower I cleaned the drain with this nifty plastic tool I bought a couple of years ago for the sink. It's got little hooks on either side, that grab hair and other obstructions, allowing me to pull them out of the drain. It was only supposed to be used once, then thrown away, so as to prevent injury and possible infection, but I cheat and have used it many times.) Initially, I was pulling the expected tangles of hair out, but then I hit a nasty, sludgy tangle that was wrapped around a slender bit of root. So, now I know we have roots in the sewer line, which could be a real problem. It's nothing we can deal with at this moment, so I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that the root was old, dead, and from the tree we had to have removed a while back.

In the early afternoon, I had to attend to some business matters which took most of the afternoon. This evening was the going away party for my long-time friends' son, who is entering the marines. I've known this young man since he was about four or five, so I really felt I had to be there, even though his decision to join and his desire to see combat really saddens me. (His mom is my friend who was recently diagnosed with MS, plus his youngest brother who is about to graduate from high school has also joined and will be leaving in a few months.) In between my obligations, I tried to check in on Flycon, but ran into some technical difficulties that prevented me from doing more than reading a few posts.

Tomorrow and Sunday I may be able to peek at a few more Flycon events, but this most of the time I'll also be attending the Tucson Festival of Books, a huge event with over 300 participants that's being held at the University of Arizona campus. Since the group that runs our local science fiction convention has a booth, I'll be spending one morning volunteering with them. I also want to visit some of the panels, especially since Charles de Lint, one of my favorite authors who lives much too far away in Canada, is scheduled for a panel, giving me my first opportunity to meet him.

Somewhere in all of this, I'm going to have to make time to do some laundry, too, since I start my new job on Monday.
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Just in case it's slipped your mind, this is a reminder that Flycon 2009 has started, over at [ profile] flycon2009 and at SFF Net.

If you have the time, drop on by. :)
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Coming soon to an Internet near you, it's [ profile] flycon2009, an international online science fiction convention.

Via [ profile] sartorias, in Flycon2009:

Here's the brief version of the explanation: Flycon will be an online convention planned to have activities during the peak hours of every time zone. It will begin midnight, Friday 13th in March 2009, in Australia and roll with the sun. We are looking for panelists, authors and editors and agents to host discussions, podcasts as readings, volunteers, and for people to spread the word through the blogoshpere. We will be having a couple of sites host forum and chat space, with everything co-ordinated through this Live Journal community with rss feeds, updates and eventual archiving. We will be running IRCs as well as bulletin boards, so that every time zone is covered.

Panels are still open for volunteers (just check back through the most recent four posts) and we're open to suggestions. We're trying to overcome the tyranny of travel and cost--and reach as widely as possible.
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Cross-posted to [ profile] flycon2009:

User pic icons for Flycon 2009 are now available for those who want them. You'll notice that most of the icons are variations of the Flycon logo with the image of the Earth displaying different parts of the world, so you can choose one that displays the place where you're from, or the place closest to your heart.

The following Flycon 2009 icons available:

1. Flycon 2009 Icon - Eurasia 2. Flycon 2009 Icon - Eastern Hemisphere 3. Flycon 2009 Icon - Australia and the Pacific (South is up.)

4. Flycon 2009 Icon - Western Hemisphere 5. Flycon 2009 Icon - South America (South is up.) 6. Flycon Icon (no year designation) - Eastern Hemisphere

7. Flycon Icon - Europe and Africa 8. Flycon Icon - South America (South is up.) 9. Flycon Icon - Alien Butterfly

10. Flycon Icon - Text Only

To use an icon, right-click the image and save it to your computer, then upload it to your user pics. Please credit the icons by using the following text in the Comments box when you upload the user pic:

For user pics that include an image of the Earth:

For the alien butterfly or the text-only pics:



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