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Today's edittorrent post, Jennifer is right... deep POV and "head words", discusses putting the emphasis on a POV character's realization of a feeling or thought.

As I'm one of those writers who often edits out the "extra" words, I found edittorrent's take on this interesting, since whichever editor wrote today's post doesn't feel it's necessary to avoid the thought process information, agreeing with Jennifer that there is a difference between "[h]e wanted to stay" and "he 'realized' he wanted to stay".

Of course, like any other word or phrase, you don't want to use "s/he realized" too often, either.
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Sean Williams ([ profile] ladnews) posted a notice here about a panel discussion in which he participated on SF Signal: Mind Meld: How Do Media Tie-In Novels Affect SF/F?. I found the various responses very interesting, but I was especially intrigued by Kristine Kathryn Rusch's article of a few years ago, which she linked to in her response.

more )

So, all of this (i.e., my blithering) is a long-winded way of getting around to a few of the questions raised by these two articles: Is science fiction mired in the past in a way that is preventing new readers from finding it enjoyable and worth reading? Are we, those of us who grew up reading classic science fiction and its subsequent successors, preventing science fiction from changing in ways that will allow it to be more accessible to today's readers? Or, is something else going on, that makes science fiction seem less relevant in today's admittedly high-tech world?

P.S. I've done my best to condense a few of the many ideas in Rusch's lengthy and well-reasoned article into the much shorter context appropriate for a journal entry. If, in the process, I've distorted or misrepresented the concepts she explained, please accept my apologies.
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This was posted by [ profile] lunalelle over on [ profile] cranky_editors:


You can see more cat pictures at Icanhascheezburger.

My apologies to those of you who've had to suffer twice. ;>
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I've been uncertain where people got their userpics. So, I finally checked out LJ's Help pages, and found out there are multiple communities with said images. Plus, perusing these pages, I realize that they are often enough just fragments of Real Art(TM), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is considered fair use. I've created a gallery for the images I've snagged from the [ profile] lecollage community, which has credits for all the artwork.

Karl and I received the proofs a few days ago to our story, "Ship's Daughter," to appear in the anthology Space Pirates, edited by David Summers. It's way cool, on the one hand, to see the story as it will appear in print, and frustrating on the other, because there are so many things we'd like to tweak, having finished the story in a rush when we were both feeling a bit under the weather. Even so, we're still happy with the story. 8)

I actually got my act together and sent "Trouble's Reasons" back out into the world to face *gulp* editors. I've been very bad about keeping my work circulating. Plus, last night I finished the first draft of a new short story, as yet unnamed. Since the sea is essential to the story, this influenced the userpic I've used for this post.


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