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Mar. 3rd, 2011 08:07 pm
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My work at the West Campus Learning Center at our local community college has me finishing up each day at 7 p.m. Since I usually feed our cats in the evenings, they've started congregating at the front door around then, greeting me with vociferous demands that they be fed immediately. I resist following orders, especially from the non-human members of our household, partly out of principle and partly out of the certainty that if I ever start there will never be an end to it. In fact, having arrived home less than an hour ago, I have cats sitting outside my bedroom door at this moment, wailing their dismay at my decision to write this post before feeding them.

The cats' impassioned pleas for food have become something of a joke in our house, so tonight I was greeted not only by them, but by an email from my husband, containing only a JPEG created by one of our boys:

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I hope all of my American friends and readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving day was great for me and my family, with a wonderful home-cooked vegetarian meal. Our home is turkey-friendly. :-)

Friday morning, however, I woke coughing, as the nasty virus/flu/what-have-you that has plagued me since at least the last week in October returned, this time as a bacterial infection. Monday, tired of coughing so hard it was hard to catch my breath during an attack, I dragged myself in to the medical clinic, where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and put on powerful antibiotics. I'm not completely well, yet, but definitely feeling much better.

Also on Monday, I received a package in the mail. Last week, based on a mention by a LiveJournal friend, [ profile] asakiyume, I ordered some Soliga Forest Honey from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Also, what with my cough, and all, I ordered some Koflet lozenges.

Here's what arrived:

You'll notice that they added something--a tube of Himalaya lip care--as a free gift.

The first thing I did was to take a cough drop and make some herbal tea sweetened with honey.


The cough drops have a bit of bite. I really like them. The honey is very dark and thick. It has a very complex flavor, a bit tart, which makes regular honey seem over-sweet in comparison. The lip care is fabulous, probably the best of any I've tried, with a coconut oil base, plus sesame seed oil, cocoa butter, and other natural ingredients. It was badly needed, as my lips were quite chapped, so it was a very welcome gift.

I just posted a short note on Goodreads.
The Annotated Wizard of Oz (Centennial Edition) (Oz, #1)The Annotated Wizard of Oz (Centennial Edition) by L. Frank Baum

I found this book on the library shelves when I was in El Paso this summer. I was really enjoying it, but my schedule while there made my progress slow and I haven't yet had the time (work) and energy (illness) to see if it's available in the Tucson library. I definitely hope to finish this book, as I found it to be a fascinating glimpse into Baum's life and writings that went far beyond other biographical essays I've read about him. I also appreciated the insight into the different artists and into publishing during that era.

View all my reviews

Also, in other news, I'm very happy to say that I'll be returning to the Pima Community College West Campus Learning Center as a part-time staff member and tutor. I'll be starting Monday afternoon
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I am posting via my new Android slide phone. It's a little hard getting used to the tiny keyboard, but that's far easier than the onscreen touch pad.

The house is fragrant with spices, as Karl is cooking Indian food for my birthday. The menu includes palak paneer, dum aloo, and a simple version of a navratam korma. Yum! For dessert, we'll have homemade strawberry icecream.

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Echoed manually (and belatedly) from

There's a new post on Scratch Vegetarian: Feed 5 for Under 10 Deliciously from Scratch.
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There's a new post on Scratch Vegetarian: Feed 5 for Under 10 Deliciously from Scratch.
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With all that was going on over the weekend, I managed to miss mentioning that there's a new post up on Scratch Vegetarian: Mushroom Goulash Poblano from Scratch.

Getting to eat great food is definitely one of the perks of having "Scratch" in the family.
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Now that he's online, my husband is busy posting to his new blog. I got home a few minutes ago to learn that he'd posted an entry on Scratch Vegetarian about making Egg Foo Yung. Enjoy.
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My husband has just started his very first blog, Scratch Vegetarian, and it's all about food. He'll be sharing recipes and tips for preparing healthy vegetarian meals on a budget. His first entry tells about how to make your own fresh ricotta cheese for a fraction of the cost of store bought.

If you like to cook, or just like food, even if you don't plan to start making your own cheese, you're invited to drop by and check it out. I hope you'll find something to enjoy there.
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Life is busy. I'm applying for jobs, juggling multiple projects (if only a few of them paid!), trying to squeeze some writing in, dealing with car repairs, and trying to keep from falling too far behind on housework. (I'm very bad at meeting that last goal. Do you think this might have anything to do with the fact that it's the last thing on my list?) On top of that, today was my youngest stepson's birthday. He is now seventeen.

We had a wonderful family get-together, with all our sons hanging out and talking computer games and such like. Franz' choices for dinner were Ten Thousand Golden Dragons of Happiness Mushroom Soup (which is what our family now calls Karl's attempt at a vegetarian bouillabaisse: three kinds of mushrooms, tofu, leeks, several different types of sea vegetables, tomato, saffron, grated orange peel, onion, and garlic), souffle, asparagus with hollandaise, fresh baked bread (we cheated by baking pre-made dough this time), and for desert a gingerbread and orange marmalade trifle.

Just a trifle )
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According to this NPR story, products made with peanut butter may be contaminated with salmonella, as may peanut butter sold in bulk. The peanut butter you buy at the grocery store should be safe, but avoid the cookies with the peanut butter filling., January 17, 2009 · The Food and Drug Administration has extended its warning about possible salmonella contamination of peanut butter.

Products containing peanut butter are now suspect. That's in addition to peanut butter bought in bulk by large institutions such as hospitals and schools.

The warning covers products such as cookies, crackers, ice cream, cereal and candy that contain peanut butter. On Friday, Keebler and Austin voluntarily recalled various types of peanut butter crackers.

The FDA says peanut butter sold in retail stores is not a problem.
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Christmas dinner menu )

Gifts )
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My Thanksgiving holiday has been spent washing dishes and cooking at my dad's house. My dad's dishwasher broke more than a month ago and my dad, rather than replace it or get a repair person in, intends to dismantle it with the intension of fixing it himself. When this will actually happen is anyone's guess. So, prior to being able to start cooking, I had to wash the accumulated dishes that my dad and my youngest brother (who lives with him) had let pile up.

Then, we cooked. This involved a turkey, which my dad was in charge of; mashed potatoes; giblet gravy; two varieties of dressing, because we like oysters and mushrooms in ours and I wasn't certain our guests would (I was right); black-eyed peas; corn on the cob; and two pumpkin pies, one regular, and one low-fat and sugar-free.

It was a nice meal and we had way too much food.

I'll be turning the leftovers into gumbo (with oysters and shrimp, filé, and okra) and turkey pot pie. One of the graduate students at the university where my dad is a professor emeritus, along with her husband, will be joining us for the meal and Scrabble. We anticipate their winning, since we don't often play.
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This evening we celebrated my youngest son's twenty-third birthday with a wonderful feast: vegetarian "cutlets" (about which all I know is the main ingredient is walnuts), mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, potato pancakes with sour cream and homemade applesauce, carrots, peas, broccoli with hollandaise sauce, and a peach pie for desert--all of it homemade. We love having the whole family together like this; our busy lives mean that even though we all live in the same town, we don't get together as often as we'd like.
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We just finished celebrating Ian's birthday. Karl baked a huge mushroom lasagna and made creamed spinach and carrots vichy, plus we had a huge salad. Everyone was stuffed, and then we brought out the gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting. It was all wonderful. And wonderful to have all seven of us sitting at the table together. That doesn't happen nearly often enough.
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Here's a meme about food. I got it from [ profile] cvillette, who got it from [ profile] cristalia, who got it from Very Good Taste.

The VGT Omnivore's Hundred is under the cut. )
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I have been researching the wildlife, both animal and plant, that might be found in Welsh coastal areas. In the process, I've come across some truly gorgeous photography. One of the best sites is A Picture of Gower.

Since I'm not interested in a specific location, but more in the general types of things that might be found on the coast (although I've mostly focused on the Gower peninsula), my current lists (which are in no particular order and I'm sure are very incomplete) include:

Sea Mammals )
Things Found in Tidepools )
Plants of the Sand Dunes and Salt Marshes )
Birds )
Freshwater River Denizens )
Insects, Spiders and Other Creepy-Crawlies )
Misc Flowers, Plants, and Trees )
Miscellaneous )

I think the most fun was the information on the "culinary delicacies" of Gower (which appear to be the kinds of simple, local foods people would have prepared in this environment):
Cockles are just one of many Gower's culinary delicacies: others are laverbread (cooked seaweed; delicious with cockles and oatmeal) sewin (sea trout) mushrooms (ceps and blewits) salt-marsh lamb, gulls' eggs, marsh samphire and shellfish....

Source: Gower - Outstanding Natural Beauty

For more information about laverbread, see the Wikipedia entry for Laverbread.
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Ah, the joys of having a cook for a spouse.

Tonight's menu:
Vegetable stew
French Bread/Baguette
Peach tartlets

All homemade.
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I have discovered the joys of pineapple-basil limeade. To homemade limeade add pineapple and fresh basil to taste. Blend. You can either add ice cubes to the blender, or pour over ice. Yum!


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