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My very good friend, [ profile] frankieroberts, has just made her first book sale! To sweeten this, she found out on her birthday! Check out her blog post at TusCon 37 and A Sale! for the details.

Frankie and I used to be in the same writers' group. While I'm no longer part of the group since I just haven't been able to keep to a regular writing schedule, I've had the pleasure hearing Frankie read at our local con, TusCon. I was very disappointed to have missed her reading at the con this year, as illness kept me from attending. I've even had her reading on my Google Calendar for weeks, just to make sure I was there, because she's writing the kind of paranormal romance I enjoy and she's gotten very, very good.

So, drop by her blog for the low-down on the book, and keep your eyes peeled for Veiled Mirror. You won't be sorry.
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[ profile] asakiyume has given me a very special gift: a picture she drew in response to my post Birthday's Bring Our Family Together, in which I mentioned my husband's soup creation, 10,000 Golden Dragons of Happiness Mushroom Soup. You can see the picture she drew in the comments of the post, or on Deviant Art.

Thank you, [ profile] asakiyume! I love this picture very, very much! 8-D
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[ profile] azurelunatic has been kind enough to share with us the quilt her mother is making for her.

I still have to finish my first quilt, that I started two years ago (and, yes, [ profile] mmegaera, I know I still owe you pictures and that I promised to get back to work on it. I will. Someday 8S ), but a similar quilt must clearly be added to the list of quilts I will eventually make.
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I just got home from a Tucson IABC luncheon for independent freelancers (the IABC Indies). We met at The Cup Cafe, which is in the historic Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson. There were five of us present, including [ profile] janni, and the conversation was great. We discussed our college backgrounds, all of us had a strong math and science background, and things we'd read, all of us have read a fair selection of science fiction and three of us have read one or more of Stephen Hawking's works. What an impressive bunch of people.

I've been very impressed with the IABC. It's an active and supportive group, full of people I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to meet. Thank you, [ profile] janni, for recommending this group. I wish I'd joined years ago, when you first suggested it.
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Having stayed up much too late last night (no big party, just a touch of insomnia after a midnight supper at home with my family), I got up rather later than I like. I had a list of several projects I was hoping to either complete or make progress on, but before I'd hardly gotten started, one thing after another intervened.

First, there was cleaning the kitchen I'd left undone the night before, as there were more dishes than could easily fit in the dishwasher and doing more than one load after midnight was not anything I had any interest in doing. Then, there was the notice in my email that led me to a blog post elsewhere, about which I plan to post a separate entry, and the start I made on that post. Followed by a reminder from Karl of a project we're working on together, with a request that I get some notes to him. Then, the call around 1 p.m. notifying me of a New Year's Day party to start at 3 p.m.: a potluck, bring food. Then, the party itself, from which I've only recently returned.

So, all the projects I'd wanted to work on? Well, one or two might get some work this evening. Still, all in all, I'd say it was a good day. Productive, if not necessarily in the ways I'd planned, and I got to spend time with friends, which is always a good thing.
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[ profile] jpsorrow, aka Joshua Palmatier, has this message for you:

I love that kid's face; she manages to pull off sullen and dangerous, while still looking cute. That's quite a trick.
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[ profile] asakiyume announces that her story, "Traces", has been published in the current issue of Three Crows Press.

It's a wonderful story. Enjoy!

ETA: There's a review of Shadow Unit, too. A very good review. Yay! for the Shadow Unit team, which includes [ profile] coffeeem, [ profile] willshetterly, [ profile] truepenny, [ profile] stillsostrange, and Technical Director Stephen Shipman. If you haven't already discovered Shadow Unit, you're in for a treat.

Updated, per [ profile] mmerriam's comment. :)
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I'm sure I'm still behind, but more people on my flist have had good news to report, so here's another gold star for all of you:

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Coyote Wilds' YA edition, which was edited by [ profile] sartorias and has stories by multiple LJ people, including several people on my flist, has been reviewed by The Fix. Congratulations to everyone associated with that issue of the magazine. It was excellent and the reviews are quite positive. All the writers, and the editor, did themselves proud. Here's a gold star for all of you.

(My first grade teacher used to stick foil stars to our foreheads. I loved getting them and wore them proudly home.)
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[ profile] mmerriam mentions that his story, "All the Leaves Your Bed," was reviewed by The Fix in Shiny #4. In the comments, he links to his post about International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day 2008, in which he shared "Out Among the Singing Void," which was published in Fictitious Force 3 and is set in the same universe. It's a wonderful story; there's one line I like in particular: "Programming is just another way of casting spells, if you look at it properly."

Two of my friends, [ profile] mmerriam and someone who remains nameless until I hear otherwise, have had stories accepted by the ezine, Three Crows Press, published by Morrigan Books. [ profile] mmerriam's "At the Edge of Twilight, Melissa Remembers Flight" will be in the June 2009 issue.

This month is shaping up to be a great month for acceptances, reviews, and other creative projects. May it continue to be so, and may this herald a wonderful year to come.
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My flist has been busy recently and I just wanted to share a bit of what I've noticed, just today. If you're on my flist and I somehow missed your most recent achievement, please accept my apologies in advance and feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

[ profile] janni's most recent book, the YA Bones of Faerie, is scheduled for release on January 27, 2009 and the reviews are already coming in. [ profile] janni has been posting links to the reviews, as she becomes aware of them and you can read about them in her posts: A Review!, Another Review, and More Reviewage.

[ profile] asakiyume has been sharing her love for the animation her daughter, [ profile] littlemetaldrop, made to celebrate Queen's song, "Don't Stop Me Now," and has created an icon set, available to all. (See this post's icon for a sneak preview.) If you haven't seen [ profile] littlemetaldrop's animation, I highly recommend it. In fact, even if you have, I recommend it, as it's good for multiple watchings! 8D

[ profile] jpsorrow tells us you can preorder the paperback version of The Vacant Throne. The first two novels in the trilogy, The Skewed Throne and The Cracked Throne, are also available. The hardback version of The Vacant Throne (Throne of Amenkor) is currently in stock at Amazon, but they've only got two copies left, as I write this. (They say they'll get more in, but do you want to take the chance?)

In a recent post, [ profile] cloudscudding announced that she has published the first few chapters of her novel, Serenade of Blood and Silver at HarperCollins' authonomyTM. What is authonomy? According to the authonomy FAQs, unpublished and self-published authors are invited to post their work, which visitors to the website can read, and then recommend and comment on; the recommendations and comments are then used by HarperCollins to rank the books (and the reviewers who consistently spot the best books), and the best rated books will have the opportunity to be published traditionally.

Semaphore Magazine has just published an anthology which includes [ profile] sartorias' story "And Horses Will Fly With Eagles’ Wings". You can also read her story in the archived March 2008 issue (PDF).

[ profile] jimhines' new book, The Stepsister Scheme is scheduled for release on January 6, 2009 and to celebrate, he's been having contests over at his journal. The submissions for the photo contest are now in and now you can vote for your favorite until December 5, 2008. The prize is a copy of The Stepsister Scheme.

Congratulations on your achievements. You're all amazing and wonderful. :)

Also, while not specifically mentioned here, many of my friends participated in [ profile] nanowrimo, [ profile] picowrimo, or Write Nonfiction in November. Congratulations to all of you, too. Regardless of the actual number of words written, you did hard work.

ETA: [ profile] janni just posted a link to her December story (she posts one of her previously published short stories at her website each month) along with the news that her third Valdemar story, "What Fire Is," is now out in the anthology, Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar .
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While I was at TusCon, many, many of my friends and fellow authors recommended that I join Facebook. I'm not exactly sure what this will do to my already very busy life, but I have done so. So, if you want to friend me there, please feel free. I think the URL for my Facebook page is If there's a better way to help people connect with me, please share that with me. Thanks!

P.S. What's really cool is that before I'd even finished setting up my Facebook account I had three friends. *g*
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via [ profile] jillykat's post:

acquired from Quietspaces

IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you (or however many you can be bothered filling in!) I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my flist, so let me know with whom I'm friends!

If you feel like answering, even if you're not on my Friends list, I'd be delighted, but only if you want to.

Oh, and I've added one more question. ;>

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