pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (Horn of Plenty)
Today Karl and I received our first royalty check from Space Pirates. Yippee! It may not be a big check, but it's the first royalty check that either of us has ever received, so it's very special. And, how cool is it, to get something like that on Christmas Eve?
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (lost girls pirate academy)
I discovered the article How to Talk Like a Space Pirate at io9 and just had to share.

pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (lost girls pirate academy)
Avast, me hearties! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day and I'm here ta tell ya 'bout the great discount me mates over on the good ship Flying Pen Press are offering for the anthology Space Pirates (FIC-S-01001).

Ye can see the cover here: )

Me mate, Karl, and I have a yarn in the book, called "Ship's Daughter," in which the beautiful Tolva, daughter of Captain Foley Sendivogius of the pirate space ship Marianna, must prove her worth to the captain and crew, but risks losing her humanity in the process.

Today only (sorry for the late notice, but me ship was shanghaied and I only jest got 'er back on course), ye can get 35% off when ye order the book through the Flying Pen Press Catalog. Jest enter ARRRH during checkout, when asked fer yer coupon code.

Ye can only use the secret code once, but ye can order as many copies as ye like. The discount does not apply to shipping or tax.

In other news, September is a great month for birthdays. Ahoy, and happy birthday to: [ profile] cloudwrangler, [ profile] mistful, [ profile] matociquala, [ profile] pjthompson, [ profile] k_10b, and [ profile] 0metotchtli.
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (pirate)
I've just received a notice from David Lee Summers, the editor of the Space Pirates anthology in which my last story (a collaboration with my husband) was published. He was passing along the information that you can now order the book directly from Flying Pen Press and receive a Friends of Space Pirates discount that will give you 20% off Space Pirates, any time, any quantity). Just enter BAKY0Q (that's a zero) when you place your order.
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (pirate)
The story "Ship's Daughter" by Pamela D. Lloyd and Karl Grotegut is just one of the fifteen stories to be found in Space Pirates, edited by David Lee Summers.

The anthology is now available on Amazon (Space Pirates) and Barnes&Noble: (Space Pirates).

This was my first collaboration on a story with my husband and we were very pleased to have the story selected for the anthology.
pameladlloyd: Alya, an original character by Ian L. Powell (pirate)
My husband, Karl, and I are very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our story, "Ship's Daughter," in the anthology Space Pirates, edited by David Summers and published by Flying Pen Press. This is our first collaboration on a story and we're very excited about it.

The book should be available in August of this year, but in case you'd like to pre-order a copy, contact me and I'll email you a PDF form which gives you a 20% discount from now until July 31st. We'd be honored and delighted to sign your copy for you at the first opportunity; if you prefer to send us a copy to sign, please contact me to request details on how to do this. If we haven't seen you before then, look for us at TusCon 2008 in Tucson next November.

P.S. My apologies to those of you who received my email announcement, which I sent out before deciding to post here, as well.

P.P.S. Yes, I suppose it's a little silly to make such a big deal of a short story, but it's our first! *g*

Edited to add contact info: pdlloyd at gmail dot com


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