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I just ran across the article Hacking science: the intersection of web geeks and science geeks, by Ariel Waldman, on the Scientific American Guest Blog, thanks to someone on Google+ mentioning another article on the blog.

The brain storm of Jeremy Keith, Science Hack Day is a 48-hour marathon event intended to motivate adults to: "Get excited and make things with science!" The first of these events was held in London and the second in San Francisco, last year. This year, events are being planned in cities in Europe and across the North American continent.

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is offering ten scholarships to people interested in attending this year's event in San Francisco (November 12-13, 2011) and learning how to organize a Science Hack Day for their communities. The application deadline is September 2, 2011. For links to additional information, including the application, check out the article on the Scientific American Guest Blog.
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Today's libraries are dynamic and offer much, much more than books. We're very lucky, here in Tucson, to have Liz Danforth (G+) on our library staff, where she has acted as a liaison between the more traditional library world and the gaming world.  A self-described "Librarian-Gamer-Geek," she writes the “Games, Gamers, and Gaming” column for Library Journal. Some of you may also know her from the artwork she's done for games (for example, Wizards of the Coast's "Magic the Gathering") and, if you're at GenCon, you can check out her work in the art show, you lucky person, you.

Here's a small sample of what's going on in the Pima County Public Libraries:

Baker's Dozen: get a taste of what's cookin' on the web

I realize that most of you are far, far beyond needing these beginning web classes, but I also suspect you know someone who could benefit, so I figure this isn't completely irrelevant.

Note: I've linked to the About page, because it lists links to each of the tutorials and also lists the tutorials not yet published.

Worlds of Imagination Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art Contest & Workshops

Teen artists may submit their artwork from August 13th through September 24th at any Pima County Public Library branch to enter the Pima County Public Library's annual Fantastic Creations Art Contest. Winning artwork will be displayed at the Joel D. Valdez Main library during October. In previous years (through 2009?), the awards were handed out at our local science fiction convention, TusCon, but this year: "The winners will be honored at an art grand opening on October 9th. The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to design the poster for next year's summer teen rock concert!"

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Art workshops are taught by professional artists on a wide range of topics.

Well, I'm heading off to watch an episode of Buffy ("Once More with Feeling") and then head to sleep. Y'all have fun, now.


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