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If you were following the exploits of Dr. Horrible and, um, less than satisfied with the third act, perhaps the alternate ending at [ profile] amaliedageek's journal, here, will help.

Edited to credit [ profile] azurelunatic for sharing the link.
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Today on LinkedIn, Ralph Lagnado, who identifies himself as a "Senior Planner, International Digital Media at Woo Agency," posted the following question:

Are we resurrecting online the branded entertainment methods of the early television industry?

We've all seen great examples of that.

Take that Youtube phenomenon Fred. With nearly 250,000 subscribers, Fred's YouTube channel is the fourth most subscribed in the site's history. One of his most successful videos "Fred on Valentine's Day" is a piece of entertainment that perfectly aligns with brand ZipIt, an instant messaging product.

I had the temerity to post the following answer: )

I'd be interested to know what you think about all this.
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I'm over at my sons' house, waiting for the AC guy to show up. Thank goodness we got appliance insurance when we bought the house, or we'd never be able to afford the repairs.

This morning before I settled down to work I watched Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Plus, I watched Act I with Ian, since he'd ignored my email telling him about the show. *hmph!* I think he's hooked, now, though. *g*

Despite distracting myself this way--and sitting in a room where at one point two different young men were watching The Daily Show (presumable on YouTube, although I didn't ask) at different points in the same show--I have managed to write over a thousand words today and to finish the "first" draft of one of the stories I've been working on.

It's a retelling of a familiar fairytale. Sometimes, I worry that there are too many writers doing this kind of stuff, but the fairies have gotten a strong hold on me and keep insisting that this is what I should work on. ;>

I've also taken advantage of being over here to talk to Ian about some of the changes I'm making to my tech writing professional website, for which he is doing the graphics. I think it's going to look pretty snazzy when it's done.
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I just watched Act I (a day late) and I've got to tell you, this is a lot of fun! Go, watch, spread the word. 8)


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